From Ueno and Asakusa


I went to Isomarusuisan. This store’s seafood is delicious. You can grill the seafood yourself. Squid ex.499yen5 shrimps ex.799yen This is “Hoppy” that is standard item I drink. ex. 459yen. This is “Bariking”. I drunk this for the Read more…

Kappabashi dougugai

I went to Kappabashi dougugai.There are many shops sell restaurant goods and food sample etc. I went to “hashitou”,this shop sells many chopsticks.

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I want study English. I live in Ueno. There is a lot of foreign tourists in Ueno. But I can't talk to people Suddenly. I like drinkig. I thought that I can talk to people if we talk over alcohol. I am looking for international people who are looking for Izakaya. People who want only a guide too. And I am looking for Japanese who want guide international people. Thankyou.

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